Interview with our Winter Muse: Kristina Bazan

Can you describe the Blue Bar?

We have created together this beautiful “Blue Bar”, a rich white chocolate infused with butterfly pea flower which gives it this gorgeous blue color. Laure, the founder of Carrés Sauvages and I were discussing expression and modern femininity. Blue being the color of the throat chakra it is said that the pea flower can help in communication. This bar was born from our deep longing for a healthy snack that also has a holistic essence to it and reminds us of the Ocean. This is my first time doing something like this and I am truly so excited and happy with the result. The chocolate is entirely free of sugars, sweetened with natural xylitol. It’s so yummy!

Blue Bar Kristina Bazan

Why did you choose the color blue for our collaboration?

I call it Mermaid Blue. I am fascinated with Blue which reminds me of the deep color of the Ocean and my absolute love for Mermaid lore. Since I'm a kid I've had an absolute fascination with mermaids and the deep waters, blue being a color that evokes mystery and magic. I have seen matcha chocolate, raspberry pink chocolate but I had never yet seen a blue chocolate and that was the challenge that you and I accepted and I believe we succeeded.

Blue Bar Kristina Bazan

We share the same love for good food, both satisfying our taste buds and soul, and functional for our body. Do you feel the Blue Bar gives you energy? 

The “Blue Bar” is mainly composed of butterfly pea flower powder, blue spirulina and maca, coconut and Xylitol. It's a snack that is sweet enough without being too sweet, it gives you a soft energy boost like matcha does thanks to the maca, provides with a protein intake thanks to the spirulina and is especially beneficial on an energetic level for the throat chakra, our center of expression thanks to the butterfly pea flower with properties which are said to reveal dormant self expression skills.

PS: Blue is also the color of Sirius Reiko's eyes, Kristina's cat 🙃