Interview with our Summer Muse: Aurélia del Sol

Aurélia del Sol is a vibrant, sunny, curious woman, always looking for learning and experiences to live better and be well with herself and others. At the origin of the " Face Soul Yoga " method, he is one of the main figures in France in facial yoga. ThroughFace Soul Yoga , Aurélia offers a simple, natural and effective technique based on the movements of the facial muscles, acupressure, self-massage, drainage and facial reflexology which gives the glow ! She is also passionate about nutrition and knows its impact on glow. Together, we wanted to make a bar of dark chocolate, very dark (85% to remain accessible to as many people as possible), a bold bar, with ingredients that are specific to it. As a child, Aurélia grew up in Greece and was marked by the beauty and joy that emanate from Mediterranean culture. That's why we chose to use Kalamata olive oil, black olives and za'atar spices for this bar.

In this brief interview, we go to Greece with Aurélia's addresses and recommendations:

A favourite memory from Greece?
The captivating sunsets, the music, the Sirtaki dance and the sweetness of the ouzo (spirit with notes of anise, fennel and spices).

sunset greece

What are your favorite places in Greece?
I have a passion for Vathy (main town on the island of Ithaca) and for Fiskardo (a coastal village in the north of the island of Kefalonia). I am now traveling to Greece by boat, a chance to rediscover these lands.


The book you have read or are going to read this summer?
This summer, I read “ A Beautiful Life ” by Virginie Grimaldi. A good boat book. A beautiful story full of poetry and humanity about bonds, family, life and love.

Music that immerses you in the heart of Greece and the Mediterranean joy of living?
Ulysses and the Sea ” by Papooz.

How would you define Carrés Sauvages?
Carrés Sauvages… Raw, powerful and enchanting!

Agapi Mou