Interview with our Autumn Muse: Helena Soubeyrand

What is your background ?

I have been an actress since I was 15, and I have always drawn on the side. I started by taking art history classes at the Louvre and evening classes at the École des Beaux-Arts, because I missed them too much and I started posting my work on Instagram… A tool who changed my life!

How did drawing come into your life?

My two grandfathers drew a lot. They both had quite difficult lives, although very different, and drawing was a moment of escape for them. These are my first memories. I soon spent a lot of time drawing with them. Besides, I inherited my grandfather's pastels that I cherish!

You have your own way of drawing, can you tell us about it?

I work on movement as much as drawing, maybe it's the compilation of my two professions. I work on asymmetry and symmetry with ambidextrous people and on introspective looks while holding a single line. I like to dig deep into a single subject and movement and explore it endlessly.

Together we composed the Ida tablet around a fruit, the raspberry. Why raspberry?

It's my favorite fruit (and yours). ♥️

What was your inspiration for illustrating the packaging of the Ida tablet?

My inspiration for illustrating this tablet began in the myth of the raspberry: according to Greek legend, the newborn Zeus was entrusted to the care of Ida, the daughter of the King of Crete. While picking a raspberry to soothe the child, the nymph scratched her breast on the raspberry bush. A drop of blood falls and colors the previously white raspberry. And it is since then that the raspberry has displayed its sublime glowing complexion.

As a mother and artist, this myth evoked themes that resonated with me: color, transmission, care, but also sacrifice, blood, and strength.

The Ida tablet is an ode to women, motherhood and gluttony! It's by far my favorite tablet in the world, the only problem is to stop eating it 🫣😋

What is your favorite chocolate from Carrés Sauvages (excluding IDA bar 🙃)?

The Ventredi tablet with Septem, hazelnut gianduja, genmaicha rice and white blackberries, which I finished in one day!

Do you have an address in Paris that you particularly like and would like to share?

The Chocho restaurant to stay in tune with the theme: daring and thoughtful designer cuisine in a relaxed, simple, lively setting. I just tried it and it’s really delicious!