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A travers les champs d'olives

Un voyage des saveurs, vraiment un délice !


Cette tablette est inouïe en bouche. Jamais vécu ça, c'est de la choco-gastronomie à ce niveau là.
Parfait pour l'apéro pour surprendre ses amis.

Olivier Cherrier
Très bon

A découvrir, surprenant la première fois, un très bon chocolat, de qualité, chargé en arôme, je ne peux que recommander.

duponchel claudine

AGAPI MOU... une belle découverte !!!
Des ingrédients qui combinent bien-être... pour le corps et l'esprit 💓💓💓💓

anne Salmon
Voyage imaginaire

Sucré salé déroutant et garigue puissante. Très belle découverte. Donne envie de soleil, de plage déserte et de bleu Infini.

We say “raw” a fruit or vegetable that has not been heated above 45°C. In reality, when fermenting and drying cocoa beans in the sun, this temperature is usually naturally exceeded. Our so-called "raw" chocolate is so called because we do not roast the cocoa beans, a step where they are generally heated between 120° and 140°C, sometimes burned. Once the jute bags containing the beans have been received, we crush them directly to make chocolate with a working temperature below 45°C, which allows maximum nutrients and the original taste of the beans to be preserved.

Raw cocoa is full of antioxidants (it contains many more than blueberries, green tea or acai berries).

It stimulates good mood , by boosting the secretion of serotonin , our hormone of happiness, well-being and satiety, which also helps us regulate stress and emotional balance.

Its contributions in magnesium , iron and zinc also make it a valuable ally for the radiance of the skin and hair.

Chocolate is a delicate product sensitive to its environment, it has the particularity of absorbing odors (do not put it in the refrigerator next to a cheese platter...).

Keep it in a cool, dry place, away from light. Ideal storage temperature 17°C.

In case of high heat, you can put your chocolate in the refrigerator. Just make sure it's in airtight packaging so the chocolate doesn't absorb moisture. Take it out a few minutes before eating it.

The wild side of chocolate

Carrés Sauvages offers exceptional chocolate, raw and organic, which combines well-being and gastronomy. Each tablet is handmade, from bean to tablet.

The cocoa beans are worked at low temperature in order to preserve their richness in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals (mainly magnesium) with complete sugars with a low glycemic index.

It is the experience of a journey of the senses which restores the body with respect for the earth.

Nature as a guide

We work with the seasons. Our offer is divided between a permanent collection, our classics , our Muses collection, inspired by women with whom we share strong values, our collaborations with other brands, and our ephemeral tablets, recognizable by their Haute Chocolaterie case, which vary according to the seasons and inspirations.

French craftsman

Each tablet is the result of manual labor. Doing good takes time. We work in small quantities in search of quality. Each of our proposals is the result of handwork, which also makes it unique. None of our chocolates are second to none. Its irregularities contribute to its charm.

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