A word from Laure, founder of Carrés Sauvages

I wanted to do myself some good by biting into a square of chocolate. To know that each ingredient brought me its energy. Also know that the cocoa had been chosen using a sustainable and ethical approach. To know its history. To consume raw chocolate, without refined sugar, virtuous, as you rarely find in France.

After being fermented and dried, the beans are not roasted but simply crushed and ground at low temperature (below 42°C) to retain their precious nutrients and their original taste.

Whole coconut blossom sugar, organic and fair trade, sweetens our chocolate by adding light notes of caramel. Sometimes it's yet another healthy alternative to refined white sugar that we introduce you to, always a complete sugar with a low glycemic index with taste and nutritional value.

Everything is entirely and artisanally made in France.

Our beans come from certified organic and fair trade crops. Precise plots of land.

Their origin varies according to the seasons. To choose them, we rely on their aromatic quality , their appearance, their smells and their taste notes, as well as their nutritional quality .

The goal of Carrés Sauvages is to nourish your taste buds as well as all the cells of your body, all while respecting the earth.

Antioxidant — Its natural richness in polyphenols helps fight aging and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. While the flavonoids present in raw cocoa prevent the decline of cognitive functions, improve the level of attention and help with memorization.

Relaxing — Our raw cocoa is full of magnesium, a nutrient that fights general and muscle fatigue.

Energizing — Our raw cocoa contains between 14 and 15% protein, and theobromine, a powerful stimulant.

Once roasted, cocoa loses about half of its virtues.