The story of Carrés Sauvages


A word from Laure, founder of Carrés Sauvages

I wanted to do myself some good by biting into a square of chocolate. To know that each ingredient brought me its energy. Also know that the cocoa had been chosen using a sustainable and ethical approach. To know its history. To consume raw chocolate, without refined sugar, virtuous, as you rarely find in France.

After a preparatory class and a business school, I trained in "Bean to Bar", working chocolate from cocoa beans, in a free and refined approach with Chloé Doutre-Roussel and with different chocolatiers. At the same time, I followed the Plant Academy, a gastronomy course focused on plants. Chocolate is for me a vast field of exploration and creation. I love both its sensoriality and its nutritional aspect which has been neglected for too long. Through Carrés Sauvages, I want to offer chocolate that combines well-being and pleasure, without compromise.


The wild side of chocolate

I do not roast the cocoa bean, but process it at low temperature, below 42°C to preserve its precious nutrients. The bean is exposed without roasting, so its aromas must be perfectly developed, it must have a beautiful aromatic quality, no defects and impeccable traceability. The meticulous sourcing of raw materials with a requirement for the taste quality and nutritional quality of each ingredient that goes into the composition of our creations constitutes our first guarantee of excellence. The second is artisanal processing in France, with the beauty of the hand gesture which makes each product unique.

I often summarize the common thread of Carrés Sauvages with 3 fundamental values: good to the taste (sensory experience), good for the body (nutritive aspect with food that restores the body) and good for the earth (with a strong environmental commitment). I believe in the alliance of well-being and gastronomy, like that of luxury and sustainable development, one reinforces the other.


Some fundamentals:

  • Ingredients from organic and fair trade crops
  • Handmade in France
  • No refined sugar, no lecithin, no added flavor, no gluten
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Plant-based (vegan) with a few exceptions (Tenderness tablet with sheep's milk, AURA powder with marine collagen, Honey Cocoa Bites)
  • Packaging in 100% recycled paper printed with vegetable ink.


Manufacturing process

After being fermented and dried, the beans are not roasted but simply crushed and ground at low temperature (below 42°C) to retain their precious nutrients and their original taste. Along with the cocoa bean, the second ingredient for making chocolate is sugar.

There are plenty of alternatives to refined white sugar. I only select whole sugars with a low glycemic index to enhance the chocolate without generating a blood sugar spike, such as coconut blossom or palm sugar. The terrain for exploration here is once again vast! There are a multitude of plants and fruits that can be used as sweeteners with an interesting taste and nutritional contribution (maca, lucuma, date sugar, fig sugar, yacon syrup, maple syrup, honey ...).

Then come spices, nut purees for a gianduja, superfoods like adaptogenic plants, wild berries and other fruits, beautyfood like probiotics or collagen... The field of possibilities with healthy chocolate is endless !


The benefits of raw cocoa

Raw cocoa is full of antioxidants (even more than blueberries, green tea or acai berries).

It stimulates good mood, by boosting the secretion of serotonin, our hormone of happiness, and well-being which also helps us regulate stress and emotional balance.

Its contributions in magnesium, iron and zinc also make it a valuable ally for the radiance of the skin and hair.


The selection of beans

Our beans come from certified organic and fair trade crops. Precise plots of land. Their origin varies according to the seasons. To choose them, we rely on their aromatic quality, their appearance, their smells and their taste notes, as well as their nutritional quality.


Sustainable chocolate

Our chocolate is made from ingredients of organic origin which grow in their natural environment while respecting the environment, which also allows them to concentrate in taste and nutrients. Whenever possible, we favor short circuits and small producers. Each product we offer is handmade in France, combining innovation and ancestral know-how.