This recipe adapts to changing seasons and temperature variations. You can eat it cold with ice cubes or hot by heating everything in a saucepan and adding the adaptogenic plants (sensitive to heat) at the last moment off the heat.

They also adapt to mood. Depending on your feelings, here are some ideas for adaptogenic plants to add: 

*Reishi - calm
*Chaga – balance
*Lions' Mane - concentration
*Cordyceps - dynamism

Delicious also in its raw state, without the addition of an adaptogenic plant.

For a large cup:
- 250 ml of vegetable milk
- 2 tsp of chicory
- 10 g of Carrés Sauvages dark chocolate
- Ice cubes (optional)
- 1 tsp of the adpatogenic plant of your choice

In a small saucepan, melt the chocolate over low heat in the milk with the chicory. Whisk to combine and let cool for a frozen version.

For the hot version, pour immediately into a cup and add your adaptogen herb for an extra boost. Serve with a square of Carrés Sauvages dark chocolate. 🙃


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